strange forces, HCR03CD, ELISION (Benjamin Marks, Tristram Williams, Richard Haynes, 2010

Liza Lim – Wild Winged One; also works by Barrett, Cassidy, McCormack, Hübler, Johnson


Programme note:

Wild Winged One (2007)

for solo trumpet with wacky whistle

Wild Winged One is a kind of ‘resetting’ of some fragments from my opera The Navigator written when I was living in Berlin in 2007.   In the opera, the trumpet is especially associated with the ‘Angel of History’ a part-human, part-animal-bird, part-divine figure of prophecy and witness.  The solo trumpet piece is made of ‘parentheses’ of human-animal breaths, murmurs and radiant vibration in a structure of ‘commentaries inside commentaries’.  It includes the word ‘inside’ from the opera libretto:

Text by Patricia Sykes from Scene 3 of The Navigator libretto

the comet in its coma
sings of the erotic bathings
of a man inside a woman
inside a man who makes love
with water, sings of a woman
inside a man inside a woman
who makes love with a comet
sings of a comet inside a glacier
inside an engine whose twin aortas
deliver blood-rain or tide-blood
sings of a doubt so cold

it breeds ice


Video link:

Daniel Kötter – TraumArbeitFlügelSalz (documentation of project, Warsaw Autumn Festival 2007, Club m25;  video installation: Daniel Kötter, Liza Lim – Songs found in dream; Enno Poppe – Arbeit; Liza Lim – Wild Winged One; Enno Poppe – Salz; Ensemble Mosaik, Enno Poppe; trumpet Nathan Plante)